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The site is located on the disappointing slope along the old Kawagoe Highway that runs from Nihonbashi to Kawagoe. As the area in front of Kamiitabashi Station is redeveloped, we plan to build an apartment complex and stores in light of the new influx of younger generations and the revitalization of the shopping district.

​ The plan is to set up two dwelling units on the north side facing the shopping street and a spacious dwelling unit with a balcony on the south side and bring the core to the center to minimize the common area. It is intended to secure a vacant lot at the window while increasing profitability.

Each dwelling unit contains a well-shaped room that is easy to use, and has a structure similar to that between a rental house and a condominium, such as a bench with a slightly larger windowsill and a bookshelf embedded in a slightly thicker wall.

The RC wall type expression is expressed as it is on the exterior, aiming for a simple yet airy architecture that feels like between a city and a rural area.

​Location: Tokyo

Program: Residential+shop  

Structure: Reinforced Concrete (Load Bearing Wall Structure)

Number of Stories:4 above ground


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