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〒154-0023 Green Court 102, 4-23-22, Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


・Urban Planning, Architecture, Interior Design 

   Design and Supervision Services
・Furniture and Product Design Services
・Design Consultancy Services specific to Asian Context

・Urban and Architecture Design Research Consultancy      



Ryo Otsuka  Licensed Architect (1st grade)

Ryo Otsuka is a JFABEA (Japan) registered architect (1st grade). He previously worked at Suppose Design Office in Hiroshima and Spatial Practice in Hong Kong to participate on prestigious international projects in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France and China.

He was invited for review of diploma designing as a guest critique at the Department of Architecture in Hong Kong University, and lectures for educational activities of public school in Japan.

プロフィ-ル写真Ryo Otsuka.jpg


・Competition for residential area in Otsu, Honor mention​

・Renovation for Neo-Corp in Roka-Kouen, 1st Prize 

・Wedding Place in Kurashiki, 2nd prize

・HOME i LAND competition 2019, Honor mention

・DANDOLI WORKS Nichinan Branch Office Design Competition, Finalist

・Little Free Library Design Competition, 1st Prize 

・3LDK Design Contest, 1st Prize

・PMQ deTour 2016"Game Changer" Art Exhibition, Exhibitor

・Life Design Shinsyu 2008 competition, 1st prize
・Lavatory between storehouses, 2nd prize
・Landscape with Chair competition, 2nd prize
・The Third Daiwa House Competition, Finalist
・Lantern Design Competition in Kyoto, Honor mention

・Re-design with steel bridge in Amarube, Honor mention

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