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A translucent wooden toilet floating on a majestic slope


The planned site, Negishi Forest Park, is a space where you can forget about everyday life, separated from the cityscape, with only the majestic slopes, forests, and sky in sight. We propose a translucent wooden toilet looking like floating on the empty slope.  This aim includes followings.
(1) Subtly exist in the majestic landscape and harmonize with the natural landscape

(2) Create a space that is well-ventilated, hygienic, and easy for anyone to use.

(3) Proactively use small-diameter wood from Kanagawa Prefecture

The volume of the tree, which seems to float on the gentle slope, changes its height while being rounded along the slope, adding warmth to the deep green scenery. While aiming to be a modest presence that respects the magnificent natural landscape, it is a light and strong building with a mysterious floating feeling.

It is a characteristic structure in which wooden frameworks and roof truss frames are placed on RC high foundations. The RC high foundation bears the earth pressure caused by the gentle slope and contributes to the improvement of durability against water and humidity. The wooden frame is made up of small-diameter timber from the prefecture and has a truss structure in which diagonal members are arranged in a well-balanced manner. The truss not only resists seismic force and wind pressure as a load-bearing wall, but also serves as a support material for the wooden louver frames that protrude from the outer periphery of the building and are hung like blinds. The wooden louver, which is a unique façade with a sense of floating, is hung to eliminate the need for a foundation, making it an economical design.


Program:Public Toilet 

Structure:Reinforced Concrete + Timber

Number of Stories:1 above ground


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