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This is a project of music classroom at flag lot in Tokyo.

The site is a complex shape and is located at the end of the long private road connecting to local market street where fully occupied by small shops and housings. Based on the capacity of visitors and acoustic performance needed, we started to trace the shape of site as extending floor area as much as we can. As a base of acoustic space which easily echos we have chosen load bearing wall structure. In terms of air-conditioning in the music classroom, we choose a radiant heating / cooling system avoiding the sound of air-conditioning, so it creates an internal space that purely enjoy with music. We have tried to achieve the best acoustic space by avoiding arranging parallel walls and making a pavilion roof without columns to evenly spread sounds in the space. The shape of space was designed by simulation of acoustic performance and adjusted. Next rooms of music classroom are carefully considered to achieve making smooth operation, to avoid noise problems, and shorten duct spaces.


Program:Music Classroom 

Structure:Reinforced Concrete (Load Bearing Wall Structure)

Number of Stories:3 above ground


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