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Orchid Pavilion is located in Casa Wabi, and stands in this magnificent nature.

“Wabi” is concept of beauty found in imperfect and unconventional things. Here at Casa Wabi, we have a generous margin to accommodate the magnificent surroundings and the local community, buried with people’s activities and passage of time.

The architectures in the Casa Wabi area has vague boundaries between nature, architecture and living things. These boundaries buildings forms a unit called “texture”; where human takes in actions to cut and create architectural spaces. From a higher perspective, it is a texture that merges into nature, and crates a place that appeals to our senses. 

Orchid Pavilion forms by three types of textures in a lush vegetation space.

(1) The building foundation is like created by Sand Play will be the foundation of the building, bench and kitchen will be integrated with the surroundings to create more interactions.

(2) On top of the foundation, randomly arrange three different pillar sizes to merge them into the surrounding trees. 

(3) The roof would use the same materials as Casa Wabi and neighboring Clay Pavilion to harmonize with the surrounding area.   

This pavilion will be a hub to create new communities, while embrace existing educational programs (exhibition, clay, movies, etc.). The “modest existence” of architecture is yet to explore by trees and mixing nature, people and art.

​Location:Oaxaca, Mexico


Structure:Wooden Structure

Number of Stories:1 above ground


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