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"Living with a common garden that coexists with the community"

1. Community with neighbors

Common garden

A comfortable place where you can communicate with the neighbors on a daily basis, and it is well-ventilated and sunny. Since it is open only to the same block, security from the outside is protected, and children can play outside with peace of mind without going out on the road.

2. Family ties

A space where families can gather together

The LDK, which is the main space, is connected to each room through the atrium in the center of the house. With direct access to the outside deck space and common garden, it is a one-room space with a series of small places where conversations can be lively. Each bedroom is kept to a minimum size and is designed so that everyone can get together.

3. 3. Remote work support A well-balanced work environment remote workspace is located on the corner of the 2nd floor, a little away from the living space, and provides a space where you can concentrate and concentrate on your work. In addition, on the adjacent inner balcony, we will create a well-balanced space where you can take a rest while looking at the common garden.

Location: Shiga Prefecture

Program: Housing

Structure: Wooden

Number of floors: 2 floors above ground

Scale: 81.15㎡

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