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Garage space and compact living space that accept various hobbies


1. A playful and exciting space

Life 50% / Hobbies 50%

Each dwelling unit is clearly divided into a "living space" and a "hobby space" in the left and right halves. By doing so, we will efficiently arrange the space necessary for daily life, and at the same time, we will balance a large hobby space that can be used in various ways.

2. Space that takes advantage of the narrowness

Space without waste

By eliminating the corridor from the plan, we plan to use the maximum area. We will make the best use of the potential of existing buildings, such as securing the ceiling height by revealing the structure of the ceiling and providing storage space without creating dead space.

3. 3. Prepare the indoor environment

A space through which light and wind pass

The "hobby space" that connects the entrance to the roadside serves as a path for light and wind, greatly contributing to the formation of a comfortable internal environment for the dwelling unit and aims for passive design through planning.

Planned site: Tottori Prefecture

Use: Apartment house

Structure: Wooden

Number of floors: 2 floors above ground

Scale: 139㎡

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