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A space that maximizes the location characteristics

Taking full advantage of the location characteristic of a corner lot, we will create an open seat at the intersection and provide a sign with enhanced visibility and liveliness in the surrounding area.
This suggests a direction to reduce the height of each room other than the backyard and the audience seats, the construction cost, and to create a sharp space and budget in addition to the marketing strategy.

2. sustainability

Use of renewable energy and greening from stores

I think that it is not only the signboard as an entity that conveys the image of the store, but also how it should be for the environment and the region is greatly related to the creation of the image of SNS and the company. If this store not only appeals to greening, but also uses reusable natural materials, solar power generation as renewable energy, use of rainwater, etc., it will be a store that can take on challenges in line with the future. I think.


Audience seats for various users who deliver fun

In addition to customers who are looking forward to yakiniku with high-cost performance, I would like to propose a space that makes you think "I want to eat here" and "I want to go here" as a space. We would like to provide a place where people who can come alone, couples, etc. can enjoy themselves comfortably and freely, centered on young families.


Program:Music Salon 

Structure:Reinforced Concrete (Load Bearing Wall Structure)

Number of Stories:3 above ground


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