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The planned site, located on a backstreet in Jingumae, is designated as a Class I Residential Area with roads on the east and west sides. The project involves designing a tenant building in an area where low-rise residential buildings and relatively low-rise tenant buildings coexist.


The design of this tenant building is based on two main criteria: maximizing the floor area ratio to ensure profitability and enhancing attractiveness through an appealing exterior and interior space.


In this project, an innovative approach is taken to balance profitability and an attractive exterior based on sunlight exposure. The design adapts to daylight regulations semi-automatically, responding to the client's requirements by lifting the volume from daylight-restricted hours and efficiently fitting it into the site's shape, proposing a terraced building shape.


This "hill" concept seamlessly connects each tenant, directing visitor flow outward. Ascending the lushly landscaped east-side hill and descending from the west-side elevator, visitors experience a completely different urban appearance. The rigid building takes on a hill-like form facing the city, enhancing its appeal and contributing to greening the urban landscape.

Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Program: Commercial

Structure: Reinforced Concrete (RC)

Stories: 4 stories

Size: 1470㎡


Program:Music Salon 

Structure:Reinforced Concrete (Load Bearing Wall Structure)

Number of Stories:3 above ground


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