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What if there is a forest in the sophisticated shopping mall...

What if there are fictional characters in the forest...


We propose to create a forest-like amusement space having a new surprising experience , combining Namco, Hamleys and Jio World Centre. By having a forest between the two brands can enhance their identity and create a natural connection. The concept of forest contains followings;


① WANDER - A timeless place to wander By composing an unbounded forest, and utilizing the existing huge columns. It helps to create a new entertainment experience, which visitors can wander in between extraordinary virtually and reality. This unique experience can be treated as a landmark, and enhance the shopping experience at JIO World Centre.


② DISCOVER - A place to discover new experience and the value of both brands - Visitors can explore the unique combination between nature vs. artificial, analog vs. digital, and game center vs. toy shop. We offer a whole new experience and value of entertainment to customers, to Jio World Centre and also to the global market.


③ TIMELESS - Primitive Amusement - The forest is a primitive amusement spot, like a natural phenomenon, where one will always affect the other. The space is open, multipurpose, and these various events can act like a trigger to make families come back again and again to explore.


Program:Commercial(Interior Design)




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