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As the architecture of the Expo for a limited time, we will create a building that is rough, powerful, and feels the brilliance of life, even though it can be made temporarily.


There are over 56,000 ha of forests in Osaka. As a way of building in the reclaimed land called Yumeshima for a limited time, we will build from the foundation to the building and the exterior using log wood, which is one of the "Osaka wood" certified by Osaka Prefecture. In order to reuse and recycle 100% of log lumber into mountain lumber and pellets after the EXPO session, we aim to build a joint between logs without using hardware. Through the process of designing and constructing this satellite studio, I would like to disseminate the process of transporting the life nurtured in the forests of Osaka to the sea (Yumeshima) and connecting it to other uses after the session.

The three structurally independent studios will be loosely connected by a pergola and will be made of wood using local logs. The outer wall frame has a simple structure in which logs are stacked and tied together, and the horizontal force is resisted by the pillars with hanging walls made of log freelander trusses joined by hozo and dowels. The foundation is a raft foundation (floating foundation) that is covered with logs, and the degree of fixation of the column base is improved by also serving as a root. By adopting a reciprocal structure for the pergola, it is possible to make a frame by combining small diameter and short materials, and it is possible to effectively use thinned wood and feather pattern materials.

Location: Osaka Prefecture

Program: Satellite Studio

Structure: Wooden

Number of floors: 1 floor above ground

Scale: 146㎡

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