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"Architecture that Layers the Flow of People, Warmth, and Nature

The proposed site is located in a commercial zone that runs through a burgeoning residential area lined with two-story wooden houses. The client's main requests were for: 1) a warm and inviting office space, 2) an environmentally conscious building design, and 3) an office that harmonizes with the local surroundings. Instead of a glass box-like office within the residential area, the approach considered best was to segment the volume and emphasize eaves, in line with the scale of the surrounding houses.

Each floor and direction will have varying eave projections, reducing the box-like volume and providing sun shading. Additionally, features such as rooftop balconies, solar panels, and green roofs will be incorporated as supplementary elements, complementing the functionality of each specific location. The extensive eaves will continue both inside and outside the building, creating a semi-outdoor space that integrates with the architecture, including an outdoor event area. The entrance will also be deeply shaded, providing a space that can be utilized by the flow of people and neighboring residents.

The interior space will be designed with a continuous and light-hearted approach, respecting the design of the facades' eaves and columns. At the same time, various floor, ceiling, and interior wall finishes will be introduced to add character to the office spaces."

​Location:Kimitsu City, Chiba



Number of Stories:3 above ground


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