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Bars in Roppongi are usually very stylish or hideout, or probably everywhere, international cities are similar in the world.


We were requested to express African ethnic style into the bar from the client, so we thought it is interesting to combine Stylish Roppongi and Ethnic African Images and create something new.

As ethnic elements, we use Africantic materials that are directly expressed, such as African mahogany, straw, and stones, to make them visually easy to understand. On the other hand, the image of Roppongi as an international city includes stainless steel and neon lighting. We adopted them and tried to create a unique sense of discomfort in the space. The bar counter, which is the main part of the space, is made of an African mahogany and asserts its presence as a solid and powerful wood. We used artificial materials such as stainless steel and tiles on some walls to balance the materials so that they would not become too traditional or modern.




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