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“With the image of the Indigo Waterfall infused onto the Shinmachi River and spreading into Hyoutan Island, we unite past and present industries, local materials, nature, and water to narrate the history of the Kasuga Bridge.”

Inspired by both the past and present industries of Tokushima City, the designer merges and highlights the importance of both industries in its development of the city. Tokushima City was built by the indigo dye industry; big indigo storehouses occupied both waterfronts surrounding Kasuga Bridge where white walls and blue stones were reflected onto the river. Tracing back to its history, the Indigo Waterfall gives new remembrance to the surrounding indigo storehouses by utilizing Tokushima City’s new thriving LED industry and its surrounding natural beauty. By connecting light, nature, local culture and people; the installation creates a new image for Tokushima City. 


Indigo Waterfall bridges the past, future, and evolution of industrial development. 

Location:Tokushima, Japan

Program:LED Permanent Installation 

Structure:Reinforced Concrete (Bridge)

Number of Stories:-


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