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This is a proposal of tiny house with 8 jyo (13.2m2) living-bathroom.

“Tiny House” is often asked about efficiency of how to compose spaces to fit the tiny whole size of house. In that case, normally, Rooms where people stay longer in day, such as Living Room are intended to be bigger than other rooms such as bathroom. So, each room would be functional and be compact. “Bathroom” is a limited space where is used mostly in the morning and night. It tends to be compact in consideration with the total budget, however, most people hope some richness of bathroom.


Our proposal is a simple idea that dare to make bathroom bigger like a living room where would be the main in house. The space transforms into a typical living room when water is none.

The size of 8 Jyo (13.2m2) might not be as big size as typical living room but it would be bigger than typical bathroom. The space was designed with Terazzo tile and wooden ceiling which can fit both living room and bathroom.


Program:Tiny House


Number of Stories:2 above ground


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