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Aburatsu Syotengai market street is well known as a base camp place for Hiroshima Carp, baseball team, and often invites IT companies from other prefectures. Traditional shops and new shops and offices are mixed on the street in good balance, and it is very comfortable to visit for working and local shopping. The project is to renovate an office for IT company which is invited from Tokyo and tries to communicate with local people, to set up its branch office.


We started to think how to achieve both conditions, a quiet working environment for concentrating to work and community space activated with local people. This contradiction was the key theme for us, we tried to achieve both with space composition.  ​As the result, we proposed “Aburatsu Terrace” which has stepping floors to connects both spaces gently in section.  A shop to activate the market street is located at ground floor, an office where staffs can focus on working with quiet environment is located on the third floor, then the Aburatsu Terrace goes through between them as meeting spaces for staffs and visitors.   





Number of Stories:3 above ground


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