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In case you want to live with affordable price in good location, you might need to choose a very small space. If it is 3-bedroom apartment, you might need to choose bigger bedrooms or bigger Living-Dining-Kitchen, and it might be quite hard to create rich space without expensive materials.

​Our proposal is to 3 dimensionally connect 3 types of space of modern living,” Relaxation” “Working” and” Sleeping”, like a one landscape, then we offer compact sleeping spaces while creating a big Living space without dividing all rooms. Apart from a living room and sleeping spaces, we locate a study corner and Kid corner to make your daily life rich, and all the space are in the big one room.

Also, wet area is located closer to the service riser for easier construction.  


The designed room is the combination of good location and richness of space, you do not need to choose one of them.



Structure:Reinforced Concrete

Number of Stories:-


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