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This is an acupuncture Clinic in Asakusa where is famous for temples and traditional market streets.

As a place of intersection between daily and non-daily activity, we set three goals, “Comfort of House”, “Service of Hotel", "Comfort of Villa”. The three atmospheres are directly transformed into the plan to create zig-zag shape.


Under the requirement of making partitions for customer's privacy, we tried to connect the narrow space into the inner part by displaying wood studs with a consideration of traditional area, Asakusa. The stud wall is composed by minimum elements, plywood in 5.5mm and wooden studs 30x60, to consider the completion of the project step by step. Also, external walls are more insulated to avoid heat transfer from the outdoor.  

With minimum elements to compose the whole, we tried to unify each space and maintain low-cost.

Location: Tokyo

Program: Acupuncture Clinic

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Number of Stories: -

Size: 55m2

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