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The project is located in Higashi-Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

Higashi-Nihonbashi is famous as Yagenbori which was a canal in Edo period, and it is known as a place of the drawing, Ryogoku Ekouin Motoyanagibashi drawn by Hiroshige. The drawing captures a beautiful daily moment of Nihonbashi at evening, which nicely describes the color combinations of nature and city.

Our design was inspired by the color combination instead of just tracing Japanese traditional design. We reorganized the local history as new program by abstracting the picture and inlaying the color into the building.

At the lower part of building, shared office, shapes of column and beam are utilized to make a base of space composition and it creates one design code beyond the floors. At the upper part, guesthouse, we intend to 3 dimensionally use a space and create richness of space into the simple plan by locating Doma, traditional and community entrance which was inspired by the canal.      ​

​As the whole building, we enhance Japanese essences while taking colorful elements like Japanese pictures.


Program:Shared Office, Guesthouse


Number of Stories:5 above ground, 1 underground


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