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This is a proposal of an exhibition space held by the Singapore Agency for Cultural Affairs, to exhibit Singapore's art culture in Tokyo.

Within a very limited period of 3 days, we tried to expand the exhibition period as an online exhibition before / after the actual 3 days exhibition, to show exporting cultures by using containers and pallets. We imagined a story of diverse Singapore artists being transported to Tokyo by containers, being displayed as they are, and returning to Singapore with tourists who had a new interest in Singapore. During the actual exhibition term, the space was constructed as a space symbolizing the process.

Singapore is a young country with no cultural or historical luggage, blending Western and Eastern cultures, then creating an unique identity.

A container is a metaphor of new identity of Singapore which easily goes over the several boundaries of such cultures through physical or digital technology. 


Program:Art Exhibition  


Number of Stories:3 above ground, 1 underground


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