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The "38th parallel " in the Korean War was treated as a military territory and may have been a borderline that created hatred and sadness for people. 
The borderline was a military border along with mountain ranges and rivers, which made it extremely difficult for people to travel and it also stands as a division of exchange.

How can we be told as a memorial park in the Korean War to pass down the truth to posterity, so we do not repeat that tragic history? Borders are not the invisible lines drawn on the map that divides one country from another; boundaries are set to respect each other's differences and share similarities.

Through this project, we will redefine the concept of the “38th parallel”.

The boundaries are not meant to create divisions for people, but to convey, share, and think about the truth of history. All the mixed emotions and circumstances, such as memories, reflection, forgiveness and rejection, survivors, and the dead at the border.  blend into nature between the mountain ranges and form 
a powerful rock and pass on their history to future generations.

​Location:Donggu, Korea

Program:Memorail Hall and Park 

Structure:Reinforced Concrete (Load Bearing Wall Structure)

Number of Stories:2 above ground


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