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The project site is located at new residential area which is elevated except car park from connecting roads. Due to the new town is quite dense, we were requested to consider that closing the house from surroundings, and minimizing project budget.

For 3 people of the client, we started to plan 3 independent volumes as the first design approach, then connecting them by party walls to separate from neighbors.  Both east side and west side houses are expected to be built closer to the boundaries, so we avoided to install windows at the both side. Instead of that, installing big windows at south side and north side to make natural cross ventilation and to get moderate sunlight without louvers or curtains while achieving privacy.  By utilizing the different levels of the existing ground into the house design, eye levels when sitting at dining counter and standing at kitchen are designed to be same. The structure of sloped roof is exposed to express warmness in the dim space. We simplified a construction method of typical Japanese timber house, and achieved efficient and affordable house. 

Project Facts


Program:Private House 


Number of Stories:2 above ground


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