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The surroundings of project site, Kitazawa Setagaya in Tokyo, it is covered with rich greens and is dense with small housings, roads are narrow and most of the wooden houses which are on the concrete podium to shorten the gap of different height of ground.

Our proposal is to harmonize as a part of the townscape, making the characteristic steps into the building, and configures the space with skip voids. Although it is a compact square plan, small spaces spread vertically and horizontally, making easy communication for the family and providing a rich living space. This is a house that changes flexibly according to the lifestyle of the resident while the 11 types of space are continuous with a reasonable distance and maintaining the privacy of a private room. A top light will be installed to evenly distribute the light throughout the room in consideration with considering a large house on the south side. Considering the privacy from the outside and the indoor thermal environment, comfortable light and wind can be provided indoors by providing windows while keeping the opening ratio as low as possible. 


Program:Private House 


Number of Stories:3 above ground


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