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Saijo is a city in Ehime, has rich nature surrounded by Setouchi Sea and Mt.Ishizuchi. As to topography often describes about weather, landscape and nature, the most characterized thing in Saijo is that its landscape and local materials are very related like a thread.  
We transform the relationship into the housing design.
Each plan is composed in ribbon shape and create community gardens between housings. The spaces are used for each entrance and gardens, connecting to shared garden, river side and shrine. According to size of sites, the house design splits into 4 types of units to compose organized facade and make diversity by changing depth and height of the buildings. The section like Mt Ishizuchi reduces pressure of the volume and create a skyline that fit to human-scale. 
By using local stone, Iyo-Aoishi for the roof, we create an only roof-scape that cannot see anywhere else. At the community gardens between housings, we try to improve inner environment and greenery townscape by planting deciduous trees feeling seasons and creating waterscape with local groundwater, Uchinuki. Also, by using local woods and stones for interior design, we try to achieve local production and consumption.


Program:Private House (similarly designed 6 plots) 


Number of Stories:2 above ground


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