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"House” which is a daily living space.

"Villa" which is a non-daily living space.


We propose a new living space combining house and villa in the ratio of 50%. 


A compact and fully white space as “House”” facing to “where is a flexible wooden space that can be used for hobbies and working. Even after the building is completed. It is a proposal for a house with a margin that allows the space to grow according to the changes of the times and changes in the family structure. A "villa space" is a "blank" in a house that responds to changes in lifestyle and living environment. It can be used as an atelier, as a SOHO, or as a second living room. It is a flexible space that can be easily customized in the future by painting the wall to your favorite color, adding shelves and picture rails.


Program:Private House


Number of Stories:2 above ground


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