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This is a proposal to insert two unique elements in the typical house which is a square plan and the most economic.   The first is a breeze library connecting all the rooms and working as passive design. The second is a spiral living room connecting from entrance to the top of building, with surrounding the library.

The breeze library including a void is located at the center, which connects to bedrooms and Living rooms and so on while creating a wind and light path. The space is for reading a book with green landscape and moderate sunlight. The spiral living -room surrounds a void and connecting from entrance to the top of building. The space is designed in 910 mm module which is Japanese traditional grid and economic, and create depth of space by the long one room.  

This is the futuristic house to respect traditional building techniques, simple square plan with quiet and active spaces under the rule of Japanese construction techniques of wooden panel.  


Program:Private House

Structure: Wooden

Number of Stories: 2 above ground


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